Kores Easy Cut 892 Paper Shredder


Product Details:

Brand: Kores
Switch Functions: Auto,Off,Reverse,Forward
Net Weight: 2.7 kg
Unit Size: 213 (L) x 153 (W) x 250 (H)mm
Model: Easy Cut 892
Sheet Capacity: 6 Sheets (A6)
Type: Micro Cut
Bin Capacity: 5 ltr
Opening Width: 115 mm
Cycle Time: 2 min ON / 30 min OFF
Noise Level: Less Than Or Equal To 64 DB
Bin Type: Translucent Lift Off Bin



Other Features:

Auto Reverse manual
Separate CD slot
Overload Overheat Protection
Overload Indication
Overheat Indication
Door open/Shredder misalign Indication
Bin-Full Indication
Caster Wheels
Shred’s Small Paper Clips
Auto Start/ Stop
Standby LED Indication
Shred Staples
Shred Credit Card


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