Kashman II Floor Model

The Kores Kashman II Floor Model is a robust currency counting machine designed for high-volume and efficient cash handling operations. Here are the detailed specifications:

– Counting Mechanism: Vacuum
– Dimensions (W x D x H): 350 x 300 x 790 mm
– Weight (Approx.): 42 kg
– Counting Speed (per 100 notes): Approximately 4 seconds
– Hopper Capacity: 150 notes
– Power Consumption: 380W

The Kashman II utilizes a vacuum counting mechanism, ensuring accurate and reliable counting of currency notes. Its substantial weight and dimensions make it suitable for floor installation, providing stability and durability for continuous use in demanding environments. With a high counting speed of approximately 4 seconds per 100 notes and a large hopper capacity, the Kashman II enhances operational efficiency. The machine consumes 380W of power during operation, reflecting its robust performance capabilities.

Overall, the Kores Kashman II Floor Model is ideal for businesses and financial institutions that require a dependable and efficient solution for handling large volumes of currency notes accurately and swiftly.


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